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March 31, 2006, 09:56:25 AM by Shoeb Omar
Hey guys,

I appreciate how passionate you guys are about the site, but you need to calm down and stop with the inappropriate behavior.  Specifically I am talking about people who are registering inappropriate names.  you will be banned instantly.  If this has already happened to you and you want to be unbanned, you need to shoot me an email with an apology and a promise to not do it again and I will consider lifting the ban.  We all want to have fun here, but there is an appropriate manner in which to do so.

- Shoeb
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exclamation Updated Content and Revamped Site with NEW GAMES

February 10, 2006, 04:42:33 PM by Shoeb Omar
I know it's been a long time coming, but finally the promised new site is here :).  We now have a NEW arcade with HIGHSCORES.  Currently, you have to register to the forums in order to play the new games so that you can post your highscores under your username.  If you don't want to have to register you can still play the old games by clicking on the Games link as usual, but there are over double the amount of games now available in the arcade so REGISTER NOW and try your best.  Currently, maddogtphs is OWNING all of you guys.  Soon, his name will be posted along with the rest of the ten best players on the front of the website.  Can you add your name to the list?  Register now and see how good you are
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grin Classy

December 24, 2005, 07:46:18 PM by Shoeb Omar

I titled this post "Classy" just to confuse all of you guys, not that any of you will ever read this because you are so obsessed with the games page, and never come here anyway.  Oh, and since you guys don't pay me, the customer doesn't come first, and I don't have to be polite ;).  Ok fine, I'll be nice, but seriously guys, pay me for fun, or at least, my fun.  Now that I have come off as a self-righteous money mongerer, I have to apologize to you guys.  I should have had the updated games section up by now, which of course will have top scores and competitions; instead, though, I gave you all a week and a half of downtime.  There was nothing I could do about this as my host decided they will just suspend my account for no apparent reason.  Nine phone calls later and they decide to tell me I went over my bandwidth limits and wouldn't give me access to my account until I gave them my credit card details so they could charge me anytime I would go over my limits again.  I refused to give them my credit card details and they refused to give me access to my files.  This standoff lasted a few days, but I relented and gave my credit card details, downloaded my data, and immediately canceled my account.  However, before I did, I checked my bandwidth tracker.  I Was not even close to exceeding my limits!  I called them up again and they had no sort of apology for me since I was no longer a customer.  I took screenshots of my bandwidth though and am reporting my former host, 1and1 to the Better Business Bureau.

So, as a last word of advice, never use 1and1 hosting, and thanks to my friend for giving me free emergency hosting.  It's good to have contacts in the business :P.
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